Cracking Map Problems, Mexican Style

Hey Wazers. One of the main things about editing the map is handling issues that interfere with routing - issues that will keep you from getting home or to work or to your vacation place on time. This week we'll tell you how the Mexican community rallied to the cause, taking on exactly this type of problems. 

We also had an amazing meetup with the lovely Slovakian community, and last but not least - Speedzel, the Philippines coordinator, tells us about his love for guns, fast cars and good food. 

The Community to the Rescue

One of the initiatives here at Waze is solving map problems that are not necessarily drive related. Disconnected segments or overlapping ones can disrupt navigation and cause some major frustration to all Wazers. 

We started working on these problems in Mexico, and the local community took notice - and offered to help. They've been handling thousands of these issues a week, and doing a great job, led by carloslaso and edsonajj. 

And it's spreading: The French community handled a sample of these problems easily, and other communities are getting into it as well, proving again that the community is the heart and soul of Waze.

The Slovakians are Growing

What age restriction?

The Slovakian community had a meetup a couple of weeks ago, not long after their successful invasion to the Autosalon, Slovakia's top motoring event. 

The community members were gracious hosts to two community managers from HQ, discussing ways to help the community grow - Facebook contests and all kinds of events and initiatives.

Another issue that got a lot of attention was routing issues, and the fact that all of the top editors got together in the same place resulted in a great and effective discussion. All in all it was great fun and extremely successful. 

Wazer Spotlight

SpeedDzel, Country Coordinator & Country Manager, Philippines

What do you do when not editing maps? 

I manage a Security Agency (armed watchman contractor). A legacy that began in the mid 60's (before i was born mind you) when my ex-military grand pop put it up and handed it down through three generations. Pros: honing firearms proficiency. Spending a day at the range.
SpeedDzel, Wazin'

I also own a small automotive BRP (Body Repair & Painting) shop. Pros: fender benders? No problemo!

And last but not least - I'm the official taste tester for my Mom who’s a product of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), yummy job. Pros: gastronomic delight. Cons: cleaning up & washing the dishes.

Which car do you drive?

An old & rickety but dependable Sedan from Bavaria, an ‘89 525i (E34) …still in the process of restoring her back to its glory.

How long have you been a Wazer?
SpeedDzels ride

Been Wazin since December 2011

How did you get hooked on Waze? 

I got into the Android craze a bit late. When I got one, like everyone now in Waze, I was ‘surfing’ for navigation apps. After trying them all out, Waze was one of the few that didn’t get uninstalled. During that time, I was surprised to see the roads in my vicinity looking like ‘pasta’ strewn all over the map?!? I took on the challenge of ‘fixing’ my area first. Then expanded north (to Abra) & south (Negros Island) to my two home provinces.

What's your favorite part about the community?

- Meeting new wazers – the Pinoy Waze community conducts quarterly meet-ups since June 2013 currently held in Metro Manila. Waze has become a venue of meeting wazers both nationwide and worldwide! In Asia from Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia to the champs from Europe, Africa, Australia, North & South America.

- Mentoring & Coaching newbies & seniors alike - imparting editing skills has become a pleasure.

- Stress relief! - In the AMs private chat, we get to discuss anything under the sun and I mean ANYTHING… where we laugh our butts off quite often. This lightens my mood after coming from work where problems are guaranteed to gloom your day. I’m mighty proud of my colleagues in the community.

- Service to the Public - eventually, it became apparent that editing was no longer a hobby. It was no longer a game for me. This realization came when we began reading & hearing stories & testimonies of the good things that Waze has brought to these individuals. 

..And the worst part.

- Obnoxious, impatient, inconsiderate, ill-tempered and assuming individuals who lack respect for others and members of the community.

- Police duties for the WME. It adds to the clerical work and keeps me from a relaxing editing session. I totally don’t enjoy it, but someone has to do the dirty work for the sake & integrity of the Waze map.

What's the funniest Waze story that happened to you?

The Pellets & Candies, these things I tell you were made from sorcery! It makes wazers do abnormal things.

While driving along on a beautiful sunny day, on the way to an event with friends, I suddenly veer off course from our route! A passenger comments vehemently, “Hey! This isn’t the way to where we’re going?!?”. And I had to reply, “hehe... Yeah, I know… I just saw some pellets a few blocks away. I just need to munch them. Don’t worry, it’ll be just a minute”. Now my friends freak out whenever I take longer than usual routes.

What's your best Waze tip for newcomers?

- “No man is an island”, Lone wolf editing does not benefit the general wazing public.

- “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, The efforts of a well coordinated editing community are key to a good map.

- Mistakes - don’t fret, we all did it! We were all once newbies. I can’t think of anyone in particular (irregardless of Level) who has never made an honest mistake in map editing.

The time & effort newbies put in & contribute are appreciated! As in any organisation, policies & guidelines exist for a purpose. Read, research & most of all, ASK around the community. Don’t worry, we don’t bite!

What do you listen to when driving your car (aside from the Waze app messages, of course) 

With the horrendous traffic in the Philippines, and being stuck for hours, I realised House & Techno music keeps my head cool and prevents me from mutating into a road raging driver. I've managed to become more passive & tolerant of other 'geniuses' who think & act like they own the road. 

But on long drives, where traffic tends to be more 'tame', I listen to 80's music and there's one particular song that tops it all - U2's "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" from the 1984 album "The Unforgettable Fire"

That's it for now! 

As always, suggestions and questions are welcome!

Safe driving!


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