The Webinar Strikes Back!

Hey Guys,

Tons of stuff happening right now at Waze! We had some great meetups and have the mother-of-all meetups coming just around the corner! Many Global Champs are busy packing their bags and will be arriving at Waze HQ in just under two weeks time. Meanwhile, we’re working on June’s Webinar - live on air this Sunday, June 14th - which has already beaten the registration numbers of last month’s session!

As for the Waze staff spotlight, we have deblaks - Community Manager for lots of LATAM countries and the happiest person at Waze HQ!

The Webinar Sequel - Bigger, Better, Stronger

Since the first Webinar was a huge success, we decided to go for it again with another Intro to Map Editing webinar on June 14th at 13:00 UTC. This session is scheduled for a time for day that’s a bit more convenient for our Asian and European Wazers - we’ll come back for you West Coasters, promise!

Right now we have 2,472 registrants and counting! That's compared to 1,921 total for last month. Our first session was well received by the community, with almost no user drop off the entire time (despite some technical difficulties at the start). The post-webinar survey was answered by a whopping 62% of the participants with extremely positive feedback.

There are still a few days left to register, see event details and register for the session here. Next up is Intro to Map Editing for Portuguese speakers on July 12th at 14:00 UTC (that’s 11:00am Brazil time) - register for that one here. More languages and more subjects are in the works - stay tuned and hope to see you on the line!

First Indonesia, Then the World!

We had a great meetup in Indonesia, with a strong and rapidly growing community. Over 30 people attended the two day event. Day one was a regional meetup, bringing together editors from all over the archipelago. Day two, a Map-a-thon where the experienced editors in the community mentored newbies and gave tips and tricks on mapping like a pro!

Setting up in Indonesia

The event even got some media interest! CNN Indonesia was on site for the Map-a-thon to learn about the community and what the local map editors are doing to improve maps throughout the country. They were almost as impressed with the community as we are!

Meetup season is in full swing! Next friday we welcome over 50 champs from around the world to take over Tel Aviv. I’m not sure the land of milk and honey is ready for this crew! We'll keep you posted on how it went.

Unholy's Bi-weekly Meme

Unholy's excited about the global meetup, and is doing all he can to make the participants feel comfortable.

Waze HQ Spotlight: deblaks

Deborah is one part of our power Latin duo with Adrian, and the best dancer on the team by far

Here's her favorite tune:

That's it for now!

Let us know what you think... and stay tuned!


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